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Ethan Allen

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Fashion you relish. Quality you expect. Service you can depend on. Furnishings you can afford. Choices galore.  This is the colorful image of Ethan Allen we want consumers to know. Our image is expressed in many ways, through our galleries, our advertising and our team of professionals who represent Ethan Allen. If you are image conscious and want to help build our image, then why not join our company and let your true colors shine?  

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Fostering People

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Have you ever considered becoming a fostering carer, but don’t know what’s involved? Fostering People are holding a special information event on Wednesday the 4th of March. Come along and see Fostering People at Paradise Valley Mall in Phoenix to find out more about this amazing way of life! You can drop in anytime between 5 and 7 pm. For more information, text event to 66777.

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